Ramos Mejía 1358, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Government Projects

Commitent: SOFSE

Project: SOFSE

Start Date: Nov 2016

End Date: Work in progress

Surface: -

Ramos Mejía 1358, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


For this project CRIBA was hired to restore and enhance the historic Retiro terminal of Mitre railway line. Work will include the remodelling of the main hall, central dome, ticket hall and entrances. Additionally, ticket offices will be merged, public restrooms are to be renovated and retail areas will be refurbished. The terminal’s basement will be cleaned out and renovated to make room for new offices and infrastructure to be installed there. Given the cultural importance of this landmark building, emphasis will be placed on maintaining its heritage and on safety. Construction will be carried out in several phases in order to minimize impact upon the thousands of commuters who flow through this busy train terminal every day.


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