Madero Walk Eventos

Pierina Dealessi 1855, Buenos Aires



Project Detail

Type: Special Projects

Commitent: Corredor Náutico S.A.

Project: BMA Arquitectos

Start Date: 2010

End Date: 2013

Surface: 2.357m2

Pierina Dealessi 1855, Buenos Aires


Madero Walk Events was part of a challenging new venture: the construction of a floating complex on Puerto Madero’s Dock 1. Construction was carried out in two separate stages. The first took place in a shipyard in Tigre and consisted of the construction of a four meter high 15m x 60m reinforced concrete pontoon with a base of special double ribbed slabs to allow for flotation. Once finished, the pontoon was put into the water and towed to its final destination in Puerto Madero. In a second stage, a reinforced concrete structure consisting of walls, beams, columns and cement slabs was created and general masonry and finishing work was done.


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