Zero accident policy

Our stringent safety and worker protection plans are focused on preventing accidents at our construction sites.

Worker Safety

Only by setting the highest safety standards for ourselves we will be able to maintain the trust of our customers and of the people who work with us. We work every day to build a strong safety culture throughout our organization. Workmen, managers, directors, foremen and supervisors are all educated and made aware of preventive safety measures which can be implemente during different stages of the construction process.

Trabajamos día a día para generar una fuerte cultura de la seguridad a través de toda nuestra organización. Tanto operarios, ejecutivos, directores, capataces y supervisores se interiorizan y concientizan sobre las medidas preventivas en todas las etapas del proceso constructivo.

To CRIBA, zero accidents means:

  • Zero fatalities
  • Zero permanent disability
  • Apuntar a disminuir a cero los accidentes leves.

Occupational Health and Safety professionals evaluate and select the best personal protection equipment in compliance with Labour Risk Superintendency Resolution No. 299/11.