Wherever we operate we try to protect with the environment. We work hard to minimize any negative impact generated by our construction activity and seek to gain the support of the neighboring community for our work.

We take people and the environment into account during construction taking measures such as:

  • Perimeter control
  • Truck cleaning
  • Sediment retention
  • Protection of volatile materials

To reduce negative environmental impact at our construction sites, we implemented the "Construction Site Waste Recycling Program” This initiative seeks to train workers in the use of best practices for the recovery of recyclable waste generated during construction, minimizing the amount of total waste.This program covers all activities involved in the safe management of urban solid waste to avoid endangering human health or directly or indirectly harming the environment.

We have also implemented a special earth day program in which we work together with the UOCRA construction union’s training and educational foundation to take actions and implement policies that favor the environment. A waste separation plan was also implemented to compliance with the city of Buenos Aires’ “zero waste” law and to increase worker awareness about comprehensive waste management techniques.