Casa de Gobierno

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Type: Office Buildings

Commitent: Banco Ciudad

Project: Foster | Berdichevsky & Cherny | Minond.

Start Date: 2010

End Date: 2015

Surface: 40.000m2

Casa de Gobierno

Buenos Aires today has a sustainable and functional building of the highest aesthetic quality that will become an icon of contemporary architecture.



In order keep building height to a minimum and maximize flexibility, design for the new city hall building centered around the use of flat beam-less mezzanines. We kept this in mind when making structural calculations and created slightly concave cement slabs that make the most of the plasticity offered by reinforced concrete. The undersides of these slabs function as exposed concrete ceilings with excellent acoustics. We used a modern metal formwork system made up of standard everyday materials to cut labor costs and accelerate construction. The building’s undulating roof designed by Foster + Partners deserves special mention.



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