Al Río - Cubo

Av. Del Libertador 77, Vicente López, Provincia de Buenos Aires.



Project Detail

Type: Hotels & Shopping Malls

Commitent: Ribera Desarrollos Inc.

Project: González – Poggi & Associates, Architects

Start Date: 2013

End Date: Work on progress

Surface: 36.950 m2

77 Libertador Avenue, Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province


This structure, referred to as “The Cube”, will house a retail shopping mall on affluent Libertador Avenue and is part of the enormous Al Río development. Construction started with partial excavation to make space for the cube’s impressive concrete structure. The mall will have several levels of retail stores interconnected by pedestrian walkways and will have two levels of underground parking connected to a third adjacent parking lot. The project requires the implementation of various construction solutions such as the use of post-tensioned concrete in combination with large pre-molded elements and conventional structures.


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