Polo Educativo Saavedra

Crisólogo Larralde | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Government Projects

Commitent: GCBA Ministerio de Educación

Project: Arq.Grimberg | Arq. Pomar

Start Date: 2006

End Date: 2012

Surface: 19.320m2

Crisólogo Larralde | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


As part of a Buenos Aires city government school plan, the ministry of education has undertaken the construction of an educational pole located between Crisologo Larralde and Galvan streets in the neighborhood of Saavedra. This ambitious project involves the construction of several primary, middle and secondary schools with different specialties around a park. The objective is to integrate the surrounding neighborhood with this new educational urban space. The music school in particular stands out as the most important of these buildings due to its construction characteristics and the complexity of the services it will offer. It includes an auditorium, numerous acoustically adapted basement practice rooms, classrooms, administrative offices and restrooms. The reinforced concrete structure was designed using a wide variety of technical solutions based on the span of the structure and the usage needs of each area. CRIBA will also install a sophisticated sound and lighting system and perform all standard electrical, plumbing, natural gas, fire and thermo-mechanical installations.


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