Escuela Nº24 y Escuela Infantil Nº8

Pedro Ignacio Rivera 4221, Ciudad de Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Government Projects

Commitent: GCBA

Project: Dirección Gral de Proyectos Urbanos de Arquitectura del GCBA

Start Date: 2013

End Date: Work in progress

Surface: 8.539 m2

Pedro Ignacio Rivera 4221, Ciudad de Buenos Aires


This interdisciplinary educational development was built on two adjacent lots with entrances from perpendicular streets and has shared public areas which include a gym and multi-purpose lounge. This turn-key project has two basements, a ground floor, three upper floors and a terrace. Resistant high quality materials were used for ease of maintenance and durability. The most labor intensive aspects of construction were the creation of the reinforced concrete structure and the performance of all installations.


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