Avenida Santa Fe 3253


Project Detail

Type: Hotels & Shopping Malls

Commitent: IRSA

Project: Pfeifer-Zurdo Arquitectos

Start Date: 2018

End Date: -

Surface: 10.000m2

Avenida Santa Fe 3253


CRIBA was hired to remodel and expand the trendy Alto Palermo Shopping Mall. The adjacent building located to the left of the Santa Fe Avenue entrance will be incorporated to the mall. Each of the levels where the old and new structures interconnect will be remodeled to allow for access from the existing shopping center to the new spaces generated by the expansion. Construction will also be done on the main entrance plaza plaza and the façade to completely integrate the new building. The project involves construction demolition and the dismantling of metal and reinforced concrete structures as well as the creation of structural reinforcements and the rerouting of key building services in order to minimize disruption to the mall’s operation during construction. This will be one of the projects biggest challenges due to intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic in and around the mall. Special attention is being paid to the design and development of protective structures in common areas in order to integrate them into the shopping mall while not creating barriers for visitors.


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