Hospital Alemán

Av. pueyrredón y juncal



Project Detail

Type: Healthcare

Commitent: Hospital Alemán

Project: AFS Arquitectos

Start Date: 2018

End Date: -

Surface: 10.000 m2

Av. Pueyrredón y Juncal


The project includes the construction of a second building on Juncal Street adjacent to the existing hospital that will share the traditional main access on Pueyrredón Avenue. The seven story structure will have three basement levels and will feature ten state-of-the-art operating rooms with adjacent recovery rooms, utiility rooms and changing areas There will also be an expanded hybrid operating room on the first basement level. Other project features include a new Coronary Unit (CU) and general admittance unit, a 120 seat auditorium and a restaurant & cafeteria with garden views. A sterilization room, pharmacy, bioengineering room and machine room will be built and 24 new beds will be added to the outpatient ward on the 7th floor.The construction techniques used and all equipment will be state-of-the-art.


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