Maternidad Sardá

Esteban de Luca 2151, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.


Project Detail

Type: Healthcare

Commitent: Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes S.A.I.C.A | Fundación Bemberg

Project: Estudio Lacroze - Miguens - Prati

Start Date: 2003

End Date: 2003

Surface: 713 m2

Esteban de Luca 2151, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.


The overburdening of public hospitals due to increased patient demand created a need to improve their facilities. As part of a government sponsored hospital restructuring plan, an existing pavilion which had formerly been a rooftop terrace at the Sardá Maternal Hospital was transformed into a new outpatient services wing. To do this CRIBA first built a light metallic structure to serve as a protective covering during work on the site which included removal of the existing roof, structural reinforcement, building of restrooms and perimetral stone masonry walls and the installation of indoor sheetrock walls. Other work done included electrical, thermo-mechanical and insulation installations as well as wall and floor finishing and paint work.


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