Árboris Las Lomas

Don Bosco 1405 | San Isidro | Provincia de Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Residential Apartment Complexes

Commitent: Vizora

Project: Gonzálo Suárez Aboy, Architect

Start Date: 2008

End Date: 2010

Surface: 59.000 m2

Don Bosco 1405 | San Isidro | Provincia de Buenos Aires


CRIBA was hired to build the Árboris Las Lomas residential complex as a turn-key solution and was tasked with handling every aspect of the project from provision of materials to labor. The complex is located on three hectares of land. We made a special effort to keep the complex in line with the low house image of the surrounding neighborhood. For this reason, the 350 apartments and amenities which make up Árboris Las Lomas were distributed between two horseshoe shaped structures, each with a basement, ground floor and four to five upper floors depending on the street faced. To provide residents with additional privacy, the construction line was pulled back from the municipal line and the accessible terraces which serve as common recreation areas were provided with view-blocking elements. The confronted horseshoe arrangement creates a large central green occupied in part by semi-inground pools. The building and its apartments were designed to create a general feeling of natural openness.


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