Terrazas de Santa Bárbara

Terrazas de Santa Bárbara


Project Detail

Type: Residential Apartment Complexes

Commitent: Pentamar S.A.

Project: Robirosa | Beccar Varela | Pasinato

Start Date: 2003

End Date: 2005

Surface: 11.000 m2

Terrazas de Santa Bárbara


CRIBA was hired to provide turn-key construction of the five buildings that make up this residential apartment complex. Each building has twenty apartments distributed between a ground floor and four upper floors with terraces that offer excellent views of the surroundings. The reinforced concrete structures are founded on piles and the exteriors are composed of exposed double brick walls with aluminum joineries. The interiors have white plaster-covered hollow brick walls, mixed metal-wood joineries, hardwood floors with underfloor heating, carpeted or ceramic flooring (depending on the room) and and plastic laminated kitchen furnishings. All installations were done using the latest technology in materials to provide the entire complex with the highest quality construction possible.


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