Árboris La Horqueta

Calle Uruguay y Don Mariano | San Fernando | Provincia de Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Residential Apartment Complexes

Commitent: Buena Vista Trust, Inc.

Project: GSA , Architects

Start Date: 2014

End Date: Work in progress

Surface: 32.810 m2

Calle Uruguay y Don Mariano | San Fernando | Buenos Aires Province


The Arboris La Horqueta residential complex, like its predecessor - Arboris Las Lomas - is an impressive residential apartment complex. Its ground floor and four upper floors house 202 apartments and the complex offers first-rate amenities. Due to its block design, housing units are positioned around a large central green. An underground parking lot and service area will connect the complex’s different blocks. CRIBA was given a tight, 30 month deadline to complete the project due to the purchasing conditions offered to buyers by the developer in accordance with the venture’s business model. During that time, a “turn-key” surface of almost 33,000 m2 will be built. Key construction features include cement finished masonry walls, double hermetic-glass aluminum joineries, vertically enclosed laundry rooms with external colored aluminum sun-breakers and curved metallic roof coverings. CRIBA also did electrical, communications, plumbing, gas, thermo-mechanical, fire and elevator installations as well as all dry construction and exterior finishing.


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