Forum Residencias

Forum | Puerto Madero | Ciudad Autónomo de Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Residential Apartment Complexes

Commitent: TGLT

Project: Robirosa | Beccar Varela | Pasinato

Start Date: 2006

End Date: 2009

Surface: 45.500 m2

Forum | Puerto Madero | Ciudad Autónomo de Buenos Aires


Puerto L S.A. Inc. launched this venture In response to rising demand for upscale housing in the trendy Puerto Madero neighborhood. The building, which occupies the 1N block of dock 4 , has three basements, a ground floor, nine upper floors and a terrace. The first seven floors each house spacious apartments while the eighth and ninth floors have duplexes with private terraces. The ring shaped building’s amenities are located on basement level 1 and a large central courtyard offers residents excellent internal views to match the unbeatable external ones. As lead contractor, CRIBA was tasked with building the concrete structure and doing all wet masonry and plumbing work while managing materials purchased by the contracting party and coordinating with local labor guilds. The tight construction deadline for this project required an intense pace of work with simultaneous construction taking place on several fronts in order to progress across the surface in stages.


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