ALEM 882

Alem 882, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Office Buildings

Commitent: Confin Inc.

Project: RDHFB, Architects

Start Date: 2013

End Date: 2015

Surface: 14.640 m2

Alem 882, City of Buenos Aires


This office building is located in an up-and-coming part of Buenos Aires near the trendy Puerto Madero neighborhood. The project began with the total demolition of an existing structure in order to allow for the construction of a new building in its place with three basement levels, a ground floor, a mezzanine and fourteen upper floors. The building’s glass wrapping is cut out on each floor by horizontal aluminum rods that create a sense of movement that reflects the busy city corner where the building is located. Special care was given to basement construction due to the poor condition of adjacent structures and the depth required for the foundation. Provisional anchoring was used for sub-mural partitions and excavation was done in pockets which made for for slow but safe progress. Another special element is the building’s impressive façade which faces two streets and features a covered corridor along Alem Avenue. As lead contractor, CRIBA was responsible for site excavation, building of the reinforced concrete structure and all civil engineering aspects of the project which was done with help of local labor guilds for services contracted directly by the contracting party.


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