Working Ocampo

Salguero 3661, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.


Project Detail

Type: Office Buildings

Commitent: Fideicomiso Salguero S.A.

Project: Lacroze | Miguens | Prati

Start Date: 2007

End Date: 2009

Surface: 15.043 m2

Salguero 3661, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.


CRIBA built the second phase of this development which is located between the San Martin and Mitre railroad tracks on 3361 Salguero Street. Its four identical buildings house high-end offices and shoot up from a concrete courtyard which is elevated +3.88m from the ground on Salguero St.. The building also has a secondary entrance on Ocampo Street in the affluent Barrio Parque neighborhood.The development was designed to project a powerful external image through the use of an aluminum-framed glass façade with polished exposed-brick exterior walls. The building has a traditional reinforced concrete structure with hollow brick plaster-covered interior walls. Delivery of materials to the construction site was complicated by the existence of a functioning parking lot on the three basement levels. The development was offered to the public with open floor plans, a restroom in each office, elevated tongue and groove Lapacho hardwood floors and terrace decks. Its high quality hardwood floors, special glass, porcelain stoneware and wall tiles combined with tasteful lighting provide a warm atmosphere in the building’s common areas.


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