Pellegrini 719

Carlos Pellegrini 719, Ciudad De Buenos Aires.


Project Detail

Type: Office Buildings

Commitent: Sicania S.A

Project: Grimaldi – Nacht Arquitectos

Start Date: 2014

End Date: Work in progress

Surface: 15.355 m2

Carlos Pellegrini 719, Ciudad De Buenos Aires.


Surrounded by buildings and facing the city’s main avenue, the biggest challenge of this project is its location. The structure includes an 11m deep foundation, four basements, a ground floor and twelve upper floors. Special care is being taken during basement construction due to the depth of the foundation to avoid affecting the neighboring buildings. The project’s most important construction objective is reaching ground level with the reinforced concrete structure. The building will be LEED certified and the construction process will seek to minimize powder dispersal in the environment, process gray waters and dispose of waste efficiently.


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