Quartier Boulevard

Juan B. Justo 1045 | Palermo | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Residential High-Rises

Commitent: Argencons S.A.

Project: Estudio Camps & Tiscornia

Start Date: 2006

End Date: 2008

Surface: 32.000 m2

Juan B. Justo 1045 | Palermo | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


This slender 37-story tower has exposed concrete façades with aluminum frames and is surrounded by manicured gardens and recreational areas which occupy the entire block giving it its typical French “quartier” morphology. Its bright and spacious apartments have internal sheetrock walls and are separated by cement block walls. Two basement levels house parking and service areas. Due to existing soil conditions and the presence of a high water table, a combination of concrete platforms and large piles were used for the foundation. The subsoil surrounding the tower stands on isolated support bases and a large suppressive concrete slab was placed at the base of the foundation to resist water pressure from below.


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