Style Libertador

Av. Del Libertador 5116 | Belgrano | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Residential High-Rises

Commitent: Camino Real S.A.

Project: Estudio Aisenson

Start Date: 2005

End Date: 2007

Surface: 12.025 m2

Av. Del Libertador 5116 | Belgrano | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


Work on this project began with significant demolition of the ground floor and three basement levels and the adaptation of certain structural elements that provided support to existing sub-mural partitions which were preserved for use in the new building. This special circumstance combined with the presence of a high water table required complex pre-construction engineering.This residential apartment tower has three basements, a ground floor and fifteen upper floors occupied by upscale apartments designed to match the affluence of the surrounding neighborhood. As lead contractor for the project, other work done by CRIBA included building of the reinforced concrete structure, general masonry and all installations (natural gas, plumbing, fire etc.) which were with the help of local labor guilds.


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