Quartier Oro

Cerviño y Oro | Palermo | Ciudad De Buenos Aires.


Project Detail

Type: Residential High-Rises

Commitent: Argencons S.A.

Project: Estudio Camps & Tiscornia

Start Date: 1997

End Date: 1999

Surface: 24.000 m2

Cerviño y Oro | Palermo | Ciudad De Buenos Aires.


This upscale 32 floor residential tower has elegant common service areas with parking and storage located on two basement levels which occupy the entire site. The contract included excavation, groundwater lowering, permanent drainage, building of the reinforced concrete structure and general masonry work as well as the management of materials provided by the contracting party and coordination of all installations (plumbing, natural gas, fire, electrical, communications etc) with local labor guilds. Rationalized formwork, specialized lifting gear and construction equipment designed for tall building construction were used for this structure which has a total concrete volume of 11,500m³.


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