River View

Juana Manso 780 | Puerto Madero | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Residential High-Rises

Commitent: Andean Asset Management (Cargill)

Project: Estudio Camps & Tiscornia

Start Date: 2000

End Date: 2003

Surface: 42.000 m2

Juana Manso 780 | Puerto Madero | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


River View project is one of the most important real estate developments in Argentina and consists of two 32 floor residential towers connected by two basement levels with underground entrances, parking, a gymnasium and common areas which occupy the entire site. The “turn-key” contract encompasses the entire construction and includes everything from groundwater lowering, construction of a retaining wall (using precast reinforced concrete piles and an on-site inner wall), pile driving and building of the reinforced concrete structure to general masonry work and sheetrock wall and ceiling installation. CRIBA was also tasked with the following installations: electrical, communications, plumbing, natural gas, fire and joinery (aluminum, iron and wood) as well as blacksmith work, material and supply management and coordination of work with local labor guilds.


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