Quartier Ocampo

Ortiz de Ocampo 2673 | Palermo | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


Project Detail

Type: Residential High-Rises

Commitent: Argencons S.A.

Project: Estudio Camps & Tiscornia

Start Date: 1999

End Date: 2001

Surface: 23.000 m2

Ortiz de Ocampo 2673 | Palermo | Ciudad De Buenos Aires


This project is an upscale 29 floor residential tower with excellent common service areas. Two levels of basement parking, storage and common service areas occupy the site in its entirety. The project is characterized by the functional simplicity of its residential units which have natural lighting and ventilation due to their distribution across all four faces of the tower. The building’s magnificent crown gives it special character, offers interesting views and is home to an indoor swimming pool. CRIBA built the reinforced concrete structure and did all masonry work in coordination with local labor guilds.


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